About Us

The mission of Evolved Analytics is to incorporate real world into nonlinear modeling. Our technology complements classical multi-variate data analysis and feature selection, statistical learning theory and statistical inference, design of experiments and classical non-linear regression.

We solve real-world problems targeted at data-driven understanding of complex, unknown, nonlinear systems involving tens to thousands of input dimensions. Our solutions focus on the development, maintenance and deployment of transparent, robust, and interpretable input-response models, design- space exploration and exploitation, and model-based outlier detection. We discover the most elusive relationships in input-response data.

Our big goal is to deliver easy-to-use data-driven modeling workflows to literally anyone who owns a challenging problem and a spreadsheet with numeric data. We are excited about successes of our first product - Evolved Analytics' DataModeler - field-proven industrial-strength data analysis and insight generation engine. We are working on several new products in the area of data mining and machine learning— contact us if interested in solutions for massive data sets.