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DataModeler Release 8.0 (11 October 2008)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Release 8.0 addressed a number of bugs:

  • Modified AlignModel so that any embedded scaling and translation coefficients are stripped prior to alignment. This avoids problems when the model is sequentially aligned to different data sets. Also directly associated the SimplificationFunction option setting with AlignModel rather than using the default from OptimizeModel. Also, modified AlignModelExpression (and, by extension, AlignModel) so that, if any messages are generated, Indeterminate will be returned. This avoids a problem when Fit would return an incorrect model;
  • Fixed a bug that caused erroneous model quality calculations if small coefficients were embedded in the models and the chosen FitnessPrecision was fairly low order (which is the default);
  • Fixed a bug wherein ModelDimensionality (and VariablePresence[_, PresenceMetric → "Number"]) did not return the correct result if supplied an ensemble.