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DataModeler Release 13.0

Friday, May 15, 2009

The main thrust has been documentation. However, some bug fixes and other changes have also been made in this release of 15 may 2009:

  • Modified ParetoFrontPlot and ParetoFrontLogPlot so that any EnsemblePersonality settings will be used as options.
  • Changed the default SimplificationFunction for ModelSelectionReport and ModelSelectionTable to be None. It turns out that Simplify (which was the previous default) will convert integers into reals AND insert a multiplier of 1.0 for variables if it detects a real-valued number in the expression. Since models will generally feature the scaling & translation factors as a result of being automatically aligned as a last processing step in SymbolicRegression, this produces quite a bit of visual clutter which would not be present if we simply looked at the ModelExpression.
  • Modified ModelSelectionReport and ModeleSelectionTable so that the EnsemblePersonality will be supplied as options.
  • Modified EvaluateModel EvaluateEnsemble, EvaluateEnsemblePrediction, EvaluateEnsembleDivergence, EnsembleResidual and ModelResidual so that if a vector of evaluation points (rather than a matrix) is supplied and there is only a single DataVariables symbol defined, it will recognize that the supplied vector is a list of evaluation points rather than a single evaluation point (which is the behavior, otherwise).
  • Fixed a bug in EnsembleResidualPlot so that it now can handle a vector of evaluation points. Also, made the default PlotRange -> All rather than Automatic.
  • Modified EnsembleResidualPlot so that VariablesToPlot may be set to None. If this is done (and IncludeResponse -> True) then only the residual of the observed behavior will be plotted.
  • Fixed a sin-of-omission in CreateFittedEnsemble wherein supplied options were not being automatically inserted into the returned EnsemblePersonality. The behavior is now consistent with that of CreateModelEnsemble.
  • Removed support for the KickoutFunction option for EvaluateModel, EvaluateGenome, etc. since the default behavior of $NumericCompileKickoutFunction returning Indeterminate is probably fundamental to a successful SymbolicRegression because of the built-in support for Indeterminate. $NumericCompileKickoutFunction is unprotected so it can be changed and the output of NumericCompile whenever machine precision is left will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Modified DivergenceSurfacePlot so that it recognizes GPModel input as well as ModelEnsemble and produces a nice looking graphic saying that the divergence surface of an individual model is meaningless.
  • Fixed a bug in ModelSelectionReport wherein supplied formatting options (e.g., FontSize -> Large) were not getting transferred to the header row of the report table. Unfortunately, ModelSelectionTable will need more extensive modification to allow for entry formatting.
  • Fixed a bug in BalanceData and BalanceDataIndices where the some of the most important data records would (occassionally) not be returned.