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DataModeler Release 14.0

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Some bug fixes and other changes accompany this release of 11 August 2009:

  • Worked around a bizzare bug in Mathematica pattern matching which was causing the kernel to crash if a data set larger than ~15,000 records was supplied to AlignModel. Since the default behavior is to have models automatically aligned to the data as the final stage of a SymbolicRegression, this would cause the modeling to fail as a side-effect.
  • Fixed a bug wherein Attributes for plotting functions were being inadvertently and improperly set. The result was that SetOptions would not work properly for some graphics functions.
  • Defined a new constant, $DataModelerExampleDataDirectory which returns the path to the top-level /ExampleData folder within the DataModeler package. This will allow examples to easily be cut-and-pasted out of the help browswer and not require specific relative paths from the EvaluationNotebookDirectory.
  • Changed to default EvolutionStrategy for SymbolicRegression to ParetoGP (from ClassicGP). The default ArchiveSize was also lowered and fewer initial RunsPerCascade are executed. This should better support the situation where users use a very short TimeConstraint rather than using one of the pre-defined option sets like $ParetoGPQuick.