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DataModeler Release 15.0

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The main thrust in this release of 27 October 2009 has been fleshing out the documentation. Thanks to WRI squashing some bugs in Wolfram Workbench, the ugly help formatting should be resolved! Additionaly, some bug fixes and other changes have been made:

  • Fixed a bug in ParetoFrontLogPlot where if only one FitnessOrder was specified of the ModelingObjectiveNames, the resulting plot would not be properly ordered. Also modified ParetoFrontPlot as well as ParetoFrontLogPlot to sort models from smallest to largest ModelingObjectives value — under the presumption that smaller values are more interesting.
  • Renamed FitnessOrder to ObjectiveOrder to make its meaning clearer to the typical (non-evolutionary computing oriented) user.
  • Fixed a bug in ProjectFilenames wherein TimeStamp was not handled properly if set to anything other than a string pattern. This would ripple into ImportFromFile. Now any option setting which is legitimate for ExportToFile will work and supplied symbols, except for a setting of None, will map into a generic wildcard, "*".
  • Modified RetrieveModelSets and RetrieveModelSetFilenames to allow a string pattern to be explicitly supplied as an argument. This should make things nicer for interactive model retrieval when StoreModelSet has been used with the ProjectName and FileName changed from the default so the user doesn't have to remember that the name synthesis follows the convention ProjectName_FileName_TimeStamp.ModelSetSuffix and have to set the options precisely right. The previous implementation continues to be valid.
  • StoreModelSet now supports the TimeStamp option settings of All, Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute, Second as well as subsecond resolution. Automatic continues to map into second resolution, None suppresses the timestamp and an explicit string may also be supplied. This makes its behavior consisten with ExportToFile. RetrieveModelSets and RetrieveModelSetFilenames support the new options with symbols other than None mapping into a generic wildcard.