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DataModeler Release 20.0

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The priority of this release of 20 July 2010 is still the documentation completion. More changes and enhancements are also made:

  • Heavily modified ResponseSurfacePlot and ResponsePlot. The new ShowDataVariableReference option will allow the reference point to be graphically denoted which is useful if more than one or two variables are in the model to show the value being used as a reference in the other plots. A ShowEnsembleDivergence option was also introduced which comes into play if a ModelEnsemble is being plotted to show the envelope of the EnsembleDivergenceFunction around the predicted response. Displaying the prediction confidence helps to highlight one unique advantage of ModelEnsemble. Of course a number of additional options were also associated with the functions to facilitate adjusting the graphics appearance. (SecondaryPlotStyle, Filling, and FillingStyle).
  • Fixed a bug in BoundedModelResponseQ (which would ripple into RobustModels) wherein specifying a RangeExpansion of the form {minScaleFactor, maxScaleFactor} did not properly thread over all of the DataVariableRange.
  • Fixed a bug in VariablePresenceMap wherein the EnsemblePersonality was not being used in the graphics generation.
  • Fixed a bug in ModelPredictionPlot wherein the EnsemblePersonality wasn't being used in the generated graphics.
  • Modified ConsolidateRules so that rules within rules (e.g., Filling -> {2 -> {3}}) are not promoted in the returned rule set.
  • Hopefully, worked around a random bug in Mathematica where it would not be able to parse the exact same expression that it had done thousands of times before during SymbolicRegression.
  • Made ImportDataMatrix a little smarter in that if a complete filepath was supplied that was valid the target file would be returned — even if the Directory option setting was such that a relative path should be pursued. In any event, a meaningful message will be displayed if the retrieval fails.
  • Modified CreateLinearModel so that any options supplied will be included in the ModelPersonality of the developed GPModel.
  • Fixed a bug in ReplaceModelPersonality wherein if an empty list was provided, it did not recognize that the ModelPersonality should be reset to an empty list.
  • Modified SummaryStatistics so that it can handle non-numeric data. If the supplied data is not strictly numeric, then it will be automatically removed from the data columns and a warning message displayed.
  • Fixed a sin-of-omission bug in MedianAverage where it was not holding its contents unevaluated — which affected plotting in ResponseSurfacePlot. Now the function explicitly looks for numerics, Indeterminate or Missing values and handles the case of a vector of those being supplied.
  • Added an RBF (aka, Gaussian or Radial Basis Function) function and implemented support for it in SymbolicRegression. It is now natively supported by BuildFunctionPatterns, etc.
  • Changed the Background option setting for ParetoFrontPlot, ParetoFrontLogPlot, ModelPredictionPlot, EnsemblePredictionPlot, ModelResidualPlot, ResponsePlot, ResponseSurfacePlot and DivergenceSurfacePlot from White to None since it appears that the previous Mathematica bug which motivated this setting has been corrected.