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DataModeler Release 8.06 (26 January)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The theme of this release is a significantly enhanced DataOutlierTable. DataOutlierTable function now allows DataRecordLabels to be displayed as well as other changes to improve the information display. Also changed the Input option to display the input variables to VariablesToPlot and added some flexibility and clarity to the input data display.

Besides we attached a Tooltip to the titles of the VariableCombinationMap, VariableCombinationChart, and VariableCombinationTable showing the cumulative percentage of the total number of distinct combinations in the model set. Since there is a combinatorial explosion of possibilities when many input variables are being considered, this provides some context given that many variable combinations may not satisfy the SignificanceLevel threshold for display in the graphic.

Several new bugs were fixed:

  • Fixed a bug in BivariatePlot wherein the warning messages if non-numeric data were supplied were generating incorrect numbers of columns affected.
  • Fixed a bug in UnivariatePlot wherein if (the default) GraphicsArrayColumns -> Automatic was being used, the number of data columns supplied rather than the number of numeric data columns would be used in calculating the layout.
  • Fixed a bug in ModelSelectionReport and ModelSelectionTable wherein supplying certain colors as the ColorFunction would cause the details of the Style construct to be displayed.
  • Fixed a bug in LabelString (and, by extension, LabelForm) wherein symbols and tooltips were not being handled properly if a list was supplied and the Joined -> True option was enabled. The new behavior is for the tooltip content to be stripped since a Tooltip cannot be converted into a form acceptable to StringJoin.
  • Increased the default NumericColumnThreshold options setting for SymbolicRegression to 0.75 (from 0.7). This means that any supplied data column must be at least 75% numeric to be included in the model development.
  • Extended VariablePresenceChart and VariablePresenceDistributionChart to accomodate the output of DriverVariableCombinations being supplied as the input to the VariablesToPlot option.
  • Modified MakeDataNumeric to allow a ReplacementFunction -> None setting. This just returns the originally supplied data structure. Additionally, we can specify None as part of a list; in this case the corresponding column would be returned unmodified.
  • Fixed a parsing bug in MergeInputResponseData wherein elements (non-lists) which were constructs (e.g., Π ) were not being recognized as being “atomic”.