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DataModeler Release 8.13 (3 Dec 2012)

Monday, December 3, 2012

We are glad to announce that this release should be compatible with both Mathematica 8 and 9!

If you do encounter any issues, please send them our way. Thanks!

The official Release Notes for 8.13

  • The help has been rebuilt using Mathematica 9 so it is searchable using both versions.
  • Wolfram Research changed the ChartElementFunction setting names for BoxWhiskerChart with version 9 and about half of these are not functional yet. Hence, the default for VariablePresenceDistributionChart was changed to "BoxWhisker" which is a setting for both version 8 and 9 and works in both.
  • ParetoFrontPlot was misbehaving in Mma 9 (due to a change in how ListPlot handled the DataRange option) but is now displaying properly.
  • The PlotLegends package has been deprecated. Since CorrelationMatrixPlot was the only function which overtly used PlotLegends and Mathematica 9 has a nice implementation of PlotLegend as an option throughout most Mathematica graphics, we deleted the dependency upon the PlotLegends package.
  • DataOutliers for EnsembleResidualPlot were not being handled properly in some rare cases. This has been fixed.