New office in Belgium almost ready

We haven't been posting many updates lately - busy, busy, busy designing new cool products. This year an awesome 100% GUI-based interactive data analysis tool and at least one MatLab toolbox on information content estimation will be out. The pipeline for 2015-2016 is full and we are happy.

In February we have opened a second office in Belgium at Antoine Coppenslaan 27/11 in Turnhout!

Only whiteboards, some artwork, a few cables and a couple more chairs are separating us from a (grand) opening party. Our dreams to create an open, inspiring and high-energy environment for effective collaboration, boundary-destroying discussions, and hard-core creativity are coming true.

The location is very convenient: parking is never a problem, the train station is 5 minutes of walking away, Turnhout center with nice pubs and restaurants is only 10 minutes of leisurely walking. The building is a part of the Anco Torens complex - a renovated pasta factory turned into a fancy residential and office quarter. A beautiful harbor is only 50 steps away - which makes us easy to reach by boat, bike, car, train, and busses.

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