With all support questions on Evolved Analytics' DataModeler please contact us at

If you have already acquired a DataModeler license please explore and experiment with the DataModeler Help in Mathematica. All Help entries are life notebooks, which can be edited on the fly. The DataModeler Help is comprehensive — more than 400 DataModeler functions have intuitive names and are all accompanied by illustrative examples and case studies. The self-explanatory input code in the usage statements gives a good opportunity to master DataModeler and Mathematica for those who learn by example.

Typing DataModeler in the Wolfram Documentation Center will get you to summary page of DataModeler functions organized in stages of model-based knowledge mining: data exploration, model building (symbolic regression), response exploration, prediction evaluation, model management and utility functions. DataModeler Tutorial Overview at the bottom of that page is a good place to start learning about DataModeler while exploring the analysis examples in the tutorials (you can also access the tutorials overview by typing DataModeler/tutorial/00Overview in the Mathematica Help browser.

To support those interested in non-linear modeling in general and express our vision on the requirements for useful and usable data-driven models and technologies, we provide short overviews of these topics below. The support section of our website spans further into Learning and DataModeler Installation Instructions.