Real World Data Modeling (GECS-2009)

GECS-2009 (Genetic and Evolutionary Computing Summit 2009) held in Shanghai, China was one of the first forays of the SIGEVO branch of the ACM into Asia. As part of the program, a number of the leaders in the evolutionary computing field were invited to give tutorials; our contribution was:

Real-World Data Modeling by Mark Kotanchek [keynote, pdf]

As you might expect, there was a strong emphasis on the role and special capabilities of symbolic regression. The best version of the tutorial is the Keynote version (30 GB zipped up) which was used for the presentation. The pdf version (45 MB) is acceptable; however, you lose the movies illustrating the benefits of shifting to a multi-objective approach. (If those are of interest, you can dig into the Keynote package for the Quicktime movies.) Unfortunately, an export to Powerpoint lost too much in the translation.