Magic and Cognitive Dissonance: One Touch Data Modeling (WTC-2011)

We gave this talk at the Wolfram Technology Conference in Champaign, IL, on October 20, 2011. The goal was to introduce our latest invention - one-touch data modeling workflows.

Download the talk here: zipped Mma Notebook - 3.2Mb


After a decade of development and industrial application, we are closing in our goal of one-touch conversion of real-world data (unbalanced, correlated, missing elements, etc.) into meaningful and insightful driver variable identification and models. Without requiring a Ph.D. in Computer Science or Statistics, it is now possible to easily develop robust transparent nonlinear models, identify data outliers and interactively explore the model dynamics and response sensitivities.

Our presentation will use DataModeler to illustrate the ease and power of conversion of spreadsheet data into an interactive data story report (a computational document) using examples drawn from economics, wind turbine power generation and industrial process monitoring.